Monday, July 21, 2014

Vacation House Home Tour

It's finally up.

I finally, finally compiled links to all the posts about our new vacation home and put them all in one spot.

You can find the tour under "Vacation Home Tour" in the page bar above.

Or you can just click here to tour my modern dream home.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 Things That Have Gone Wrong This Summer

1. Our range broke in our shiny new vacation home and I've had to improvise with cooking everything in the microwave, Vitamix, or on the BBQ

2. It is H-O-T in our "glass box in the woods". More like "greenhouse in the woods", and we didn't install air conditioning

3. When I open the doors to attempt to get a breeze going, the occasional squirrel or chipmunk runs inside. I solved this by purchasing 30" screens to put in the bottom half of the doors.

4. Our previously sleeping through the night baby started waking up 6 (!!!) times each night.

5. Our 2.5 year old broke my husband's phone and now he's using my old, old one with a JCrew case (anchor themed)

6. I broke my phone and had to pay to buy a new one (we were all out of old phones)

Hmm, I know there were more...

It must be a good thing that I can't think of them at this moment. In the end, we rediscovered something about ourselves, we are not complainers.

I've been without a range for 3 weeks and it's actually pretty fun making things on the grill. For example this morning I made: frozen waffles, grilled peaches, and turkey bacon. We've put our pans on the grill for eggs, used it as an oven with a baking sheet, grilled every vegetable and fruit there is, and discovered a *love* for grilled homemade pizza.

There is no good side of being super hot, except that I've discovered that like shorts, and find fun patterns at JCrew Factory online (styles here).

I'm trying to sleep-train the baby (3 months old) by sleeping on the couch or in our 6 year old's room, which teaches me that her room (our sometimes guest room) is pretty uncomfortable for adults, so I've ordered a second nightstand and I'm thinking of upgrading her pillows.

Also- jersey sheets are the worst in hot weather.

My husband is clearly very secure in his masculinity (I probably knew this since he wears pink dress shirts), but he's pretty adorable with my nautical phone cover;)

And one again I've learned that 48 hours without a phone will not hurt me. I don't need to check Facebook while nursing (my preferred activity other than staring at baby eyes).

Ooh- also, my super-chattiness and perkiness paid off and I got to upgrade my phone 7 months early since I was "so sweet" on the phone.

Any big lessons for you this summer?


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