Wednesday, January 28, 2015

3 Days Naked- a three year old with the flu

My three year old go the flu-like bug that's been going around. Oy, it's just beyond awful. I had it last week but in kids instead of just aches and pains, it has been a full 6 days of fever *plus* a cough and cold.

After one day home with a fever, she took off all her clothes and declared, "I need to be naked. Clothes don't feel good on my body". And so passed 36 hours...

We finally wrangled her into clothes with the inducement of seeing her grandparents, so she wore clothes for about 4 hours on Sunday, then took them off and went back to all natural:)

Monday morning, she declared it, "a naked day". Totally fine, I just kept hoping that even though she's potty trained, that she wouldn't have an accident while napping on our leather living room couch in the middle of the day.

Yesterday, she went to Ikea wearing shoes, socks, underwear and a raincoat...

Then finally, finally, this morning, she got fully dressed and agreed to go to preschool. Also, she wanted to "go to the place with all the beautiful things and the toothbrushes" (the dentist).

I'm hoping that when I pick her up from preschool in half an hour that she has remained clothed! Pin It
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