Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Know You are Pregnant

Each of these things were real symptoms before a positive pregnancy test. Just sayin'. If I can't write it here, what's the point in having a diy/home/mommyblog in the first place?

You are in your pajamas at 4:30pm
Strong craving for a donut (everyday, but actually gave in to it!)
Alcohol has no appeal
Sore breasts (feels like the underwire in your bra is cutting off all circulation)
The weird ginger altoids look good

I'm so glad I wrote this post over 9 months ago and saved it as a draft! I have clearly forgotten those early months, which is good, since otherwise we would have stopped at 1 child, my pregnancies are that miserable. Here I am 4 days before giving birth.

Sure, I wish I had published this 6 months ago when I announced I was pregnant with #4, instead of after the birth, but let's just chalk that up to pregnancy brain:) Pin It

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baby #4 is here!

He arrived just a bit before his due date 2 weeks ago and caused WAY more drama than I would have liked for my fourth labor and delivery. Of course I'll stick to the traditional "mom and baby are both doing well", if you don't want any details:)

This is my only shot of all six of us so far...

We must be doing something right (or there are so many of them that the kids don't notice the new addition!?!), since all three kids are adjusting easily. Our 2.5 year old keeps calling him "my baby" and wanting to hold him. Our almost-5 year old is happy, has nicknamed the baby "Nicky-Mickey", and is in alt over the gifts (Legos and a new Rokenbok construction machine) that the new baby brought him. Our 6.5 year old is playing it cool in front of others, but in private is super excited, wanting to hold the baby, get him up from a nap (not until he stops being so floppy!), and is being extra loving and helpful with the other kids. Checkout my tips on adding a new baby to the family the last time we did it.

Thankfully we live near both sets of my parents (mom and stepdad, dad and stepmom), so we've had a TON of help. Like you-can't-believe-it level help. My mom and stepdad took the 3 older kids for 2 weeks! They are only 2 miles away so we still saw some combination of kids almost every day, but the alone time to bond with the new baby was amazing. Seriously, I had forgotten how incredibly hard recovery is. I'm contemplating writing a post about the labor and delivery and recovery, but it might just be too much information, still trying to weigh the benefit of me writing it down and my strong desire to forget it as soon as possible!

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