Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pink Butterflies and Purple Flowers

Since we finished redoing our 2 year old's new big girl room, our 6 year old wanted to "update" her room as well. So I went with the path of least resistance and had her choose new knobs for her dresser online. I'm too pregnant to take her to an actual store:)

She picked flower and butterfly knobs from Target and I think the update is kind of cheap and cheesy looking to my eyes, but she loves it!



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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shoe Storage

Because, who are we kidding, by the end of a pregnancy, my feet only fit into 1 pair of flats or flip flops!

While sitting around waiting for baby, I decided to address my shoe storage needs with these mesh storage boxes from Ikea. I think they were $7 for 3 or something equally ridiculous and inexpensive. So now one corner of my closet is more neat and organized. 

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