Thursday, October 30, 2014

What to do with leftover half and half #tbt

Every Friday my dad picks up my preschooler and takes her to the park for lunch and playing. I know, I'm super lucky. Believe me, you do't even want to hear about what the other 3 local grand parents do, they are all amazing:) Anyhoo, my dad brings half and half for my daughter to drink (just go with it), and we often have some left over in our fridge.

Recently, as the weather has been turned a bit cooler, and I'm nursing the baby only during the day (he sleeps at night), I've revisited one of my favorite cocktails, the Brandy Alexander. I first discovered it at the Bar at La Terrasse, a great restaurant in West Philly, when I was in college, and Ive brought it back as a special occasion drink. It fills both the dessert and drink categories, so take that into account when planning when to have it!

After getting back to my wedding weight (I posted about it yesterday), I certainly only have this as a special occasion drink. And as a mom, that usually means a day when the preschooler refused to wear a costume to the Halloween party, the baby is snotty, the kindergartener left his library book at home, and the second grader had really hard questions about life that she only thought of 5 minutes *after* bedtime:)

Find my original post and recipe for a Brandy Alexander cocktail here.

recipe for a brandy alexander cocktail

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Getting to Wedding Weight

As I mentioned last week, I lost the baby weight in less than 3 months. This was the first time that has happened, and the weight just kept coming off. Not as fast, but slowly and steadily, and in the 4 months that followed, I've lost another 22 pounds, which puts me a few pounds *under* my wedding weight!

How I lost the baby weight and made it to wedding weight! 72 pounds in 7 months!

Big pause while I jump around the room.... (then realize that I'm not wearing any makeup in that photo). Here's another version of me, last weekend at a Halloween party.

I am so so happy, and proud, and excited, and trilled, and surprised and even a little bit scared that I might gain some of it back.

The most shocking part of this whole thing, has been how much I've really changed my lifestyle. So much so that now unhealthy foods actually make me sick. OK, I'm feeling a little sick/shameful just writing that, but it's true. 1 slice of pizza can do me in. Enough with the TMI:)

I got married at the same weight that I had been for most of college and graduate school, and I stayed that weight for the first year of our marriage before I gained 10 pounds with Clomid, a fertility drug. After that, I never went below my "pre-first-baby" weight again.

Last summer, knowing/hoping that we would get pregnant with #4 soon, I declared it my "summer of fun". For me that meant eating and drinking and eating and snacking and watching TV and eating and baking... So I started the last pregnancy about 10 pounds higher than my usual being-a-mom weight. With the fourth and final baby here, I'm super motivated to get back to the old normal, and I want to be fit and strong and happy and healthy for the future.

Is this topic even remotely interesting to anyone reading? It's taken up a ton of my brain space for the past 7 months, but as I get better at making better choices it's taking less and less thinking time, but I'd still like to write it all down for sometime this winter when I inevitably just want to eat fried things and drink hot drinks with alcohol in them every day:)

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