Monday, November 24, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party

Yes, I totally gave in to the craze, drank the frozen kool-aid, and threw our 3 year old a themed birthday party. I even hired 2 princesses to come and sing with the kids. Sometimes, it's just easier to give in to the desires of the third child, than to pretend that she doesn't watch TV and craft a wholesome birthday party.

I sourced table decor from my house, so vases in blue and white, a silver branch candelabra, pinecones, an owl... anything that felt winter-frozen-blue-white-maybe-it-goes.

We pushed the 2 dining tables together, and had kids attempt to "build a snowman" out of pretzel rods and marshmallows. They also had waffles and fruit.

Of course, I made us take a family photo...

A shot of the food...

Snowman parts, Olaf's nose, snow, Sven snacks  for a Frozen birthday party

Watching the movie an hour before the party to refresh the older two. They aren't addicted like the 3 year old, so they needed a reminder about the song lyrics.

Snowman parts.

Snowman parts for a Frozen birthday party

"Snow" was popcorn, carrots were Olaf's noses, and "Sven snacks" were Chex mix and pastel M&M's.

Frozen themed snack food: snow, Sven snacks, snowman parts

Princess Elsa singing Let it Go.

Our 3 year old in heaven!

Both princesses together.

My sister made 2 cakes, which was amazing and generous and kind and lovely and thematically appropriate!

Frozen cake

princess cake with a ruffle skirt

Our happy girls watching Princess Anna:)


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Krystle @ Color Transformed Family said...

It looks like she had a wonderful time! I love her face as she gazes at Elsa. There's no shame in having a Frozen party when that's what your little girl really wants. :)
Noah turned three a couple of weeks ago. I was fully expecting a Frozen themed request but instead was surprised with a "Green Frog" one.

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