Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An Honest Review of Blue Apron

I adore having things delivered.

There might be nothing in this world I refer to staying at home and having things brought to me. I've always been a homebody, and my love for creating a home has just nestled nicely in with my natural tendencies towards being *inside* and looking at a lovely view *outside*. (After 10 years my husband understands this, but still isn't of the same mindset. Hence he rides bikes outside, and I do exercise videos inside)

Anyway, I have an unending love for Amazon Prime (I wrote about how I think it saves me hours a week here), so this summer, while we were at the vacation house I decided to try Blue Apron. They deliver a box to your door every week with ingredients for 3 meals. Everything is all perfectly portioned, with photo step-by-step instructions. Since we were "in the woods", grocery shopping was not very refined, and this was a chance to spice things up a bit.

Little did I know how spicy it would be. 

Even with our stove and oven being out for 5 weeks (I know, I know, but "in the woods" there are very few repair people), I managed to make the meals Blue Apron sent.

An aside- This is not a sponsored post, I paid for everything, just wanted to let you know my thoughts.

Sorry for the iphone photo, but everything tastes great. The downside, which I alluded to earlier, is that it is WAY too spicy for my kids. So in the end, I wind up seasoning and spicing half of everything, and the leaving the rest plain. The above was salmon crusted with rice flakes, kale with garlic, and miso-mashed potatoes which were a huge hit, even the baby likes them!

The other major drawback is that while the food is pre-portioned (1 tomato, 3 stalks of celery...) it is not pre-cut. So each meal takes about 45 minutes to prepare, but most of that is hands-on time. Not ideal for the baby stage that I'm currently in. I'm used to hands-off dinners, so to find 45 minutes to chop, slice, dice, marinate, sauté, broil, sear, toss and garnish is a tough call most weeknights.

The recipes are delicious, and give me tons of ideas. My kids adored a Vietnamese Shaking Beef (recipe here).

So inspired by the shaking beef success, I made it again and served it to guests. I paired it with corn ravioli in a miso-ginger broth, lime rice, and we ended with poached pears and ice cream. You can find my recipe for poached pears here.

Any new convenience deliveries you are using?

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Thuy said...

Thanks, Jessica for the review. Our family was thinking of trying it too so this is great to hear that i have to allot time to prep the ingredients.

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Thanks for the review! I've been intrigued by Blue Apron for awhile!

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