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vanillalatte88 said...

I was directed to this blog yesterday from another site, and while I think your blog is absolutely beautiful and your home is lovely, this is just a little too much of "look what I have" for me. I found I couldn't enjoy reading it too much because of this, and I can't begin to count how many times the word "Harvard" comes up. It's a bit pretentious.

This blog is for a very small population of the world, that I do not belong to.

Deity Exmachina said...

Funny how your comment is not related with Jessica's post. What does Harvard having to do with this post anyway? Back to the post, I really love your ideas Jessica. I would like to know some of your insights or suggestions. We are planning to move in our new office space in Singapore what kind of paint should we use for the office to look bright and cozy?

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