Friday, June 19, 2015

Low-key First Birthday Party

Adorable baby #4 sometimes gets the most attention....

and sometimes the least.

I forgot the "1st birthday" onesie and had my mom bring it to me. Then this was the best picture I could get. Oh well.

When it came to his first birthday party, we were already going to be at our vacation house, and it was during the Jewish holiday of Passover, so no normal cake/cupcakes to be had. Also, he's a *baby*, so he doesn't actually have friends. So we decided to celebrate while we were away. We threw the easiest birthday ever. The big kids voted, and they settle don pottery painting. Each kid made a mug, and together we made a platter as a family with each of our handprints on it.

For the treat, we had ice cream, and then we were done.

Big kids called it "the best birthday party ever", and our three-year old, of the Frozen birthday party fame, declared that she *might* be willing to give u her Mary Poppins birthday party (still month away) for a more intimate family party. Yes, yes please.

And now that school is out and I'm going to be totally out of routine, I feel like I've caught you all up on our celebrations. I might check in over the summer, otherwise I'll see you in the fall!

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