Monday, April 1, 2013


Since Google Reader is going away, I thought I might try out Bloglovin. Especially if my efficient blog reading method, the next button, is going away.

Anyone have a good idea for blog following?
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Colleen said...

I signed up for that and feedly and I am not sure yet which I am keeping. I am guessing feedly but time will tell.

Jesse @ Scout & Nimble said...

I signed up for bloglovin but also signed up for feedly. Feedly seems to be a little bit easier to navigate. Plus, for whatever reason, I don't love that bloglovin sends me an email every night with all my feeds. I am sure there is a way to stop that from happening, but I have yet to go and figure out how! ;) Feedly transferred all the blogs from my reader, too. Super easy. Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

Rachel Lynn said...

I haven't tried feedly, but I am using bloglovin. It's great to have all my blogs in one place, and you can easily add blogs they don't already have catalogued.

Jesse-To turn off the email, go into settings under the drop down menu that is your username. It's under notifications.

Good luck with bloglovin Jessica!

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