Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Popping Corn off the Cob

How to pop whole ears of corn in your microwave at home

Last year was my first year doing this and it was super exciting. Or not "super", but I was amazed that it actually worked! 

First you take popping corn, the yellow ears in the photo above, not the multi-colored Indian corn, which is apparently only for show. Sidenote- Then why is it corn? Why can't we eat it? Who invented this idea? 

Ok, I'm back.

Next you let your corn dry out, maybe a few weeks to a month.

Then you put it in a paper bag, fold over the end, and put it in the microwave.

Let it pop until the popping slows (about 2 minutes) or until you smell burning. In which case, toss the bag and corn and start again.

How to pop corn off the cob

Think of this as a neat party trick, or something to entertain your kids on a cool/wet/drizzly/sick autumn afternoon:)


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Jesse @ Scout & Nimble said...

I had no idea you could do this! lol! Oh, my boys are going to love it! I will start drying out my corn now. & I'm with you on the multi-colored corn...what good is it? Besides looking pretty...oh ok...I will give it that. ;)

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

That's really neat! I didn't know you could do that!

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