Thursday, May 1, 2014

How to Combat Morning Sickness

In keeping with my trend of publishing posts related to pregnancy after mine is over, here is my go-to list of things that might help you. I am an expert since with my 2 girls I threw up every day for the entire time, and with the boys every day for the first 20 weeks or so.

PreggyPops, or any lollipop
Ginger candy
Lemon water
Lemon Drops
Dairy in the morning
More healthy fats (avocado, salmon, nuts)

In my case, I've tried everything and for the girl pregnancies, nothing works. I just puke everyday all the way until the end.

Favorite place-to-puke story:

Driving at 7 months pregnant with my first to a wedding shower an hour away. On the freeway I start to throw up in my mouth, pull the gift from the bag, and throw up in the gift bag while driving at 65mph. Fun times. Pin It

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Mary Kaisand said...

I'm the same way with my pregnancies! Sometimes puke multiple times before getting out of bed! When prego I keep a garbage can with bags in the car (not grocery ones cus they tend to have holes...learned that the hard way)!!

I remember being in the passenger seat at a stoplight pukin and the guy in the next car over was looking at me funny. I also learned quickly to figure out the nearest garbage can was at all times or better have a bag in my purse!

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