Monday, December 8, 2014

What to Do With Leftover Baby Food

It's possible, that like baby Yoyo, your child made a very quick transition from the pureed baby food....

What to do with extra baby food

to what we call "people food".

So, before I knew it, I was left with tons and tons of purees that my baby won't touch, preferring instead, scrambled eggs, avocados, turkey bacon (he loves to suck on anything salty), beans and rice, chicken...

I've written before about what to do with the glass baby food jars. With our third child, I was having an eco-friendly moment and turned the glass jars into mason jar sippers, gilded vases, painted votives...

Alas, with the 4th baby came not only a return to plastic containers of baby food, but also any crafting desire I had before is now gone. Cooking and baking are still high up on my list of things that I don't delegate (see how I decide, refuse, and delegate here).

My favorite recipes to make with baby food:

Banana Bread

Carrot cake (yummy, smooth, no weird textural issues)

Spagetti sauce (there is possibly nothing else to do with leftover green beans, just throw a little in)

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