Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen Clock- an Impartial Time-Teller

We all need to know the time, particularly in command central, the kitchen. Especially with kids. The clock is an impartial time-teller. You aren't telling them when to get ready for bed, the clock is. (For more help with this check out My Tot Clock, best invention ever!) I'm not telling them they are wasting time before school, they can see it on the clock. This is also a reason for an analog clock; kids can visualize how much time is left before they go. For an architect like me, I need that visual representation of time.

At our old house, we had a proliferation of clocks: a clock on the microwave, on the oven, a wall clock, usually a watch. In the new house we have a deficit of clocks in the kitchen. The microwave is hidden behind cabinets doors, the oven clock tilts in and out, so it's always hidden, no wall clock, and with a new baby I often forget to wear a watch.

So off to Ikea we went, shopping for another thing entirely, when we stumbled upon this clock. Big, easy to read, and very well priced. So we added it to our cart, brought it home and it sat for a few weeks. Finally we decided where to put it; over the play kitchen!

Here's a better shot. You can see how we can tell the time from the kitchen itself, and the kids can see it from the play area. They aren't quite big enough to tell time, but I can tell my four year old "dinner is when the big hand gets to 12, and the little hand to 5", or for the 2 year old "dinner is when the big hand is at the top".

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Krystle @ Color Transformed Family said...

I had never thought about an analog clock being easier for children but it makes sense. This way they can actually see how much time is left. I am a visual person too and still love the analog clocks!

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Wow, what a beautiful kitchen! Love the clock too!

Anonymous said...

So..there is still a place for the Analog clock. What was the reference to the TOT clock?

momto8 said...

it took a long time for my kids to figure out how to tell time on this type of clock....we couldn't find enough examples (like your great big beautiful one!) to practice on... even the wrist watches are digital!

Unknown said...

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XO, Aimee

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