Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adding color and variety with lamps

Hopefully we never have to turn a light on around here, what with all the natural light and the crazy wall of windows, but sometimes, especially in the winter, I need some mood lighting to brighten things up.

StayatHomeista living room

That's my living room all decked out for the holidays.

See the side table on the left? That's where I need a lamp, to help balance out the varying heights in the room. Right now everything is a bit low. The sofa backs, the coffee table, even the line of the mantle is adding to the all-horizontal-lines look in there. The pendant lights that hang are helping, but a nice lamp would not only offer me light in my reading spot in the living room, but add some verticality to the space.

Color + Plus™ colored glass lamps are the right answer. You can order them in over 60 Pantone colors, which means you can match your decor exactly, or pick the perfect contrasting color.

I would love to have one on every side table, but I'm waiting til the my little muggles move past the pull-on-everything-til-it-falls-on-me stage.

made to order lamps in Pantone colors

I would take the yummy coral colored one on the right, or maybe the tiffany blue one on the left for contrast. Hmm, tough call.

Where do you need a pop of color and some additional lighting?


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Unknown said...

Oh wow! Your room looks great and those lamps...drooling!

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