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Best Pinterest Boards for Moms

Sometimes I get offered a guest post with a topic that I just can't turn down. I'm totally addicted to Pinterest (follow my boards here), so I thought that this was especially appropriate.

With the Holiday season in full swing, I'm going to cut back a bit on my posts, put less pressure on myself, maybe aim for 3x a week. After all this blog is really just a hobby for me, plus a great way to connect with family and friends, and if it's going to stress me out and make me a worse mom, that kind of misses the point of writing about staying at home, right?


The Ten Best Boards on Pinterest for Mums

The internet is an amazing source of inspiration for mums. Whether you’re looking for something to keep the kids entertained or want to change their bedrooms you can find it all online. Now with scrapbooking site Pinterest all those great ideas are in one convenient location! Whatever you’re after, I’ve put together my list of the ten best boards on Pinterest for busy mums


Fellow blogger ikatbag is the queen of crafts and has peppered her board with some of her own creations as well as inspiration for others. Focusing predominantly on cardboard and wooden projects you’ll be amazed at what you can create from the humble cardboard box!

An eclectic mix of crafts! This pinner has included an assortment of activities that can be used for both a group of children or just one.


This pinner features an assortment of mind-blowing cake creations on her board. This is definitely the place to go when you need inspiration or want to show off your skills!

An amazing collection of cute creations and seasonal treats fill this pinner’s board. My personal faves include the grape snake and the sausage roll wreath.


You can never get enough inspiration for Christmas! I like the fact that this pinner includes a lot of gifts and goodies in jars – they’re so versatile and a great way to recycle.

This pinner has included some really sweet gift and decoration ideas on their board. The holly berry numbers look so effective and they’re so easy to put together!


This board is seriously cute. With vintage inspired pieces for boys this pinner channels a bygone era of all-American style. Who can resist the those mini bow-ties

Filled with some of the most adorable clothes for girls this pinner’s board will have you saying “awww” on repeat.

Childrens Activities

This pinner has brought together a great collection of simply activities for children. Perfect for winter days to keep the kids entertained indoors. Look out for the glow sticks in water ideas – ingenious!

Children's Bedrooms

Whether you’re looking to buy or just want to day dream, the bedrooms on this pinner’s board are like something from a children’s wonderland. There are so many lust-afters but my particular fave is the tree house bunk bed – do they make them in adult size?

Amy Boff works at Appliances Online, when she’s not pinning, tweeting or Facebooking you can find her walking her dog or relaxing by the fire with a glass of wine. You can follow her on twitter @AmyBoff
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