Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Managing Expectations around Baby Milestones

Each time I get to this point, and with each kid I always start to freak out. She isn't walking yet? What can be wrong? Why doesn't he annunciate his "l"s and "r"s better? Why isn't she going on sleepovers like the other kids?

OK, the last two are my current issues with the 3 and 5 year olds, but I'm sure, if you are a parent, you know what I'm talking about.

That insidious fear that your baby isn't following some magical baby checklist and skipping straight down the path to toddlerhood.

Because there is no straight path. It's long and winding, and even does some loop-de-loops, which is very impressive for the first two years of life:)

Unless there are actual issues, when a baby starts to talk, or walk, or wave, or do cartwheels, have no bearing on the person they will be when they grow up. Not only no bearing on how smart they will be, but certainly no bearing on if they will be a kind person, generous to others, loving, motivated, confident, the whole host of qualities that we want for our children.

So right now I'm going to sit back and enjoy what my 17 month old CAN do, and relish the fact that as annoying as it is that she can't walk yet, that also means that she can't efficiently move toys from one room to another yet either:)


She can crawl, cruise, climb up and down stairs, walk while holding one or two hands, stand for 10 seconds, take 2-7 steps on her own.

(Sidenote- my older two started walking at 16 months and 15 months, so I'm sure #3 is just taking her time too)

She can also climb up onto our play table:)


Up, down, go, woof-woof, roar (lion sound), big sister"s name, big brother's name, mama, papa, abba, baba, ema, apple, pacha (milk), banana, agua, pop, wow


She can point to objects on a page when asked (various foods, animals, body parts)

Points to her own body parts when asked.

Snuggles a lot.

Gives open-mouthes "kisses"

Still naps twice a day, at 8am and noon for about 1-2 hours each.

Sleeps through the night from 6pm-6am.

Eats almost everything put in front of her.

Scribbles with crayons and tries to imitate her older siblings.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my favorite third baby, think I'll keep her:)

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Joy said...

Very excellent attitude. We spend way too much time worrying about milestones when are children are little. If I had to do it over again, I would just enjoy them. My two sons walked at ten months but didn't speak a single word until they were 2. I spent endless hours trying to get them to talk. Once, when the younger one pulled himself up on the coffee table at 9 mo, I actually pushed him back down. I still feel bad about that. Both sons are in college doing well despite a crazed mother in the early years:)

Unknown said...

She's gorgeous! She's happy and loved, that's all that matters.

And sleepovers, my oldest is 8 and I just barely let her sleepover at a friend's house. It's a friend that I know very well and trust completely. There are too many weirdos out there to just let your babies loose.

Jesse @ Scout & Nimble said...

My second was a late walker, too! He didn't start walking until 17.5 months, and it was so hard to not get hung up on it...especially when others would act shocked when I told them how old he was and reply that their boy/girl was walking at 9 months. It's sometimes so hard...but that little boy (2.5) that took his sweet time to walk is now ridiculous with his gross motor skills. I am constantly amazed at how agile he is with any ball (kicking, dribbling, throwing and making baskets). It constantly has me scratching my head...
I still struggle at times comparing what my boys are doing against what other kids are doing...but you are right...every kid is different and for very good reason! I'm sure yours will be running around in no time!!! ;)

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Our guy was a late walker too, but was doing everything else on time. He's a totally chill kid and I still think that was part of it! :)

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

Hahahaha, that list of words cracked me up! She's adorable, too. Totally a keeper!!

Elena said...

My third was also a late walker...18.5 month when she was fully walking. At 2.5, one would never know she was a late walker. Hang in there!

Kerrye said...

My parents tell the story about how I was a late "talker". I just didn't say much of anything at 3 years old. So she took me to be "tested". After testing me, the dr called me parents in to discuss. He asked "Why exactly did you bring her here? She has the vocabulary of a 1st grader." Mom said, "But she never talks! She calls chocolate milk "da-buh"!" Dr. said, "When she says "da-buh" what does she get?" Um, chocolate milk. LOL! Anyway, soon after I started talking and they haven't been able to shut me up since... (As you can tell from this super-long comment.) ;)

Unknown said...

Every child is different right? Maybe she just wants to be the baby a little bit longer. ;) too cute!

Kelly said...

I'd keep her too! She's precious! I think that's exactly the right attitude. She's healthy and perfect, so she WILL walk. It's not like she'll be in high school still toddling around, so no worries. In her own time!

Kelly @ View Along the Way

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I learned with my two (now 26 and 23) that they will do things on their own time. My second child took her time walking...I think she really liked having us carry her:) Your liitle one is such a CUTIE!!! Thanks for coming by:)


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