Friday, April 26, 2013

Party Inspiration: Red, Pink and Grey

A sweet friend asked me to help her with the decor for her daughter's upcoming bat mitzvah luncheon and being the Pinterest addict that I am, I happily agreed!

She has a vision for red, pink and grey, something inexpensive, but impactful. No one wants their "fancy" friends or relatives to think you just bought a lot of schlock to fill the space, it needs to feel intentional.

These are my main ideas, hope to share "after" pics in June!

I'm totally in love with these giant balloons. So pretty and bold and modern.

Who doesn't love, love, love paper straws? They make anything seem special.

And that anything drink should be rosemary lemonade. Or even a lemonade "station" with different flavored ice cubes, peach, strawberry, mint, rosemary etc.

I love the look of a beautiful dessert table, plus the baby's breath is so sweet and appropriate for a 13 year old girl:)

Or a donut hole tower. Because, seriously? How can this go wrong?

All of these were from my Celebrations board on Pinterest. Head over to follow all of my Pinterest boards, I'd love to share my inspirations (or pinspirations) with you!

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Unknown said...

What great inspiration! And the donut hole tower, that would be a hit. Have a wonderful weekend :)

xo, Tanya

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the party pictures here on your blog! I'm sure it's gonna look great! (^_^)

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