Monday, April 15, 2013

Why My New House Rocks! #StartFreshBuyNew #CGC

As most of you know, we built our house from scratch, which means that everything inside is new.

I can't even begin to tell you how much *less* work this is for us.

-All of the appliances actually work!

-There are no leaks!

-I can set a temperature on the thermostat and the house will actually be that temperature!
This one is totally life changing for us, since w had lived with some variation of space heaters and fans for years, and were never totally sure that the babies were comfortable or frozen or sweating...Now, I know that it will never be less than 68 at night and no more than 74, so cotton footie pajamas with no blanket are just right in the crib.

-I can control the temperature of the water in the shower and tub!
Also life changing. Previously we had a little ring that floated in the tub and was suposed to change colors to let us know that the water temperature was safe for babies. Well, it was never right, so I'd often bail cold water in from the bathroom sink to adjust, which was just a crazy-pants way to live:)

-The house is SO energy efficient!
Even with a larger home (maybe 4 times larger than our last one) our gas bill (read: heat) is about the same.
  • The walls and floors and ceilings are super insulated. We even insulated the garage!
  • We have reflective plywood sheeting under the roof to deflect the sun's rays. 
  • All of the (new!) windows are double-paned and low-e, which means super efficient.
  • We installed UV-blocking sun shades inside to block out even more sun in the afternoon.

UV shades in a kitchen to help block out sun

If you are looking for more information on new homes (you don't have to build it yourself like we did!), head over to BHI’s Start Fresh Buy New website.

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Jess said...

I would not mind doing dishes from your kitchen... that view is amazing!

Kirby Carespodi said...

I am so jealous. I am in the money pit from heck.

Sandie said...

Not only is your house energy efficient, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Unknown said...

What an over the top gorgeous home - loving your kitchen!!!

Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

I'm not sure what part of California you are in, but we were in San Francisco last week and I thought of you! Hope you are doing well in that gorgeous home of yours. :)

Unknown said...

AHH! I want to build our dream home from scratch someday. That is so amazing. And seriously - having no problems with the appliances and stuff because everything is new is such an awesome perk.

Krystle @ Color Transformed Family said...

Your house is just beautiful. As much as Michael Luke and I love DIYing sometimes we think the next house might have to be a new one. Builder Grade is a huge turnoff for me though so I love to entertain the idea of building my own.

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