Friday, June 28, 2013

A Visit from Gigi

I'm just getting back from my crazy-awesome adventure with hubby (details to come once I've slept), so while I'm recovering from massive around-the-world jetlag, I thought I'd leave you with a few sweet photos.

We were lucky enough to have my husband's grandmother come and visit us for a few days at the beginning of May.

We call her Gigi, for great-grandma. Totally the cutest great grandma name I've ever hear od, hoping I make it long enough, and impress the need for grandchildren onto my children enough, that I can be a Gigi one day. Or a G.G. either way:)

Yup, so this post is pretty much just a shout out to lovely relatives who want to see the pictures, and a gigantic "Thank You" to Gigi for flying across the country to see us, and letting us avoid taking 3 kids on an airplane for 6 hours:)


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Bliss said...

That woman is a great gramma??? Holy good looking woman batman, she's better looking than woman half her age, or more than half her age. I can only wish to look like a GiGi like that!

Simply LKJ said...

I agree. She looks amazing. So classy. I had to laugh...we inherited our oldest daughter's Cairn Terrier when she was just a sophomore in college. Ex-boyfriend gave it to her, of course broke up and she was stuck with a dog she couldn't keep on campus. We took her in thinking we'd just have her for a few months until she moved into her apartment off campus. Well to avoid confusion with who was her "mom"...Elie decided that Kylee would know me as GiGi! LOL My hubby is Grandpa (yes, we are grandparents to a dog) I love it, and plan to use it when/if our girls have children.

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