Monday, July 22, 2013

Car Conversations #2: Foundations

This little one wants nothing more than to talk about construction all day and all night (if we let him).

So it was no surprise to me that one recent morning I spent the 15 minute drive to preschool discussing the differences between piers and spread footings as they realate to the strength of foundations. Yup, that's what he wanted to talk about. Nothing like my older daughter, whose conversations might be more about the foundations of life, nope, just construction, plain and simple.

I need to thank God every day that he sent me a son who loves construction.

Because it could have gone another way.

A not-so-ideal way.

You now...

I almost don't want to type it for fear it will happen, but here goes.


It could have gone "train" and I know zilch about trains. Ditto for cars or any vehicle that isn't a construction vehicle.

We do have a bit of firefighter love, but I can handle that.

So very day, I thank God for giving me a son who can talk about construction with me. I also need to thank my parents for letting me watch This Old House, Hometime, and all sorts of PBS shows about construction, before there was such a thing as HGTV. Honestly, not sure how I made it:)

Plus, I'll give thanks to my husband for marrying someone who watched all those shows and can discuss with gusto why I prefer Joann Liebler as Dean Johnson's cohost, as well as why I know how to build a glass block wall, a skill I will never need as long as I have my say about our designs:)


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Simply LKJ said...

So sweet. He is definitely a chip off momma's block! LOL

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