Friday, October 24, 2014

How I Survive Without Coffee

Ceremonie tea

I have made it through high school, college, architecture school, and now having 4 children all without having coffee. I wish there was a good reason, some moral outrage against the coffee industry, or a health reason, but honestly, I just never liked the taste and by the time I realized that I "should" drink it, it was too late.

I do love the ritual of coffee, so to duplicate that calm feeling (and give me a *little* caffeine boost), I drink tea instead.

My new favorite, is the Earl Grey Lavender from Ceremonie Tea. It's my go-to morning tea, perfect with a splash of milk.

A good friend of mine now works for Ceremonie, and when he asked if I'd like a free box to sample, I jumped at the chance. Here are my favorite things:

  • The packaging is elegant and pretty enough to be left out
  • They have a bento-box-esque display tray that makes offering company tea an elegant experience
  • I adore the minicubes. Each person can have their own touching all the other bags.
  • The flavors are inventive and yummy, Ginger peach? Lemongrass & Verbena?
  • They come in pretty pyramid sachets which just makes me feel fancy:)

I'm also using tea as a key part of my weight loss strategy. (You can read about how I lost almost 50 pounds of baby weight in less than three months here). After dinner, instead of putting the kids to bed, pouring a glass of wine, and then giving in to food cravings that only exist because of said glass of wine, I drink tea instead. I've even gotten my 7 year old on the tea-after-dinner wagon, and we make a few cups, sit on the couch, read, talk and actually connect, all without me having random cravings for a bowl of chocolate chips, almonds, ice cream... you get the idea. At night, I go for the non-caffeinated tea, so Moroccan Mint is my fave.

Ceremonie tea

If you are local, you can find it at Oakland Kosher. Friends farther afield can find Ceremonie Tea online at Abe's Market or more info at

Ceremonie tea

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Jenna said...

You are looking so great, Jessica! I wish I had been as motivated as you to lose all my baby weight so fast. Instead, I'm hanging on to about 6 pounds that just won't budge.

Oh, and I'm a die-hard coffee drinker. Tea where I live is served with 2 cups of sugar over ice.


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