Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adding Purple to the "Blonde and Grey" Master Bedroom

After slowly adding pops of yellow to our master bedroom, which is predominately grey, I'm realizing it still needs something more.

Stay at Home-ista charcoal grey and yellow bedroom

Since our bedroom is not anywhere near the top of the list, I decided to indulge in some guilt-free online shopping, similar to my fantasy vacation house. If you check out my Pinterest boards you'll see I also like to recreate houses for my brother, sister and parents. Plus more for me of course!

Here's the best shot of my room, as is.

Stay at Home-ista charcoal grey and yellow bedroom

And here is my plan: Add a console with 2 storage ottomans underneath. It's on the wall behind me when I took the above picture. A big blank wall.

I'm thinking something like this.

rustic console with 2 storage ottomans
image uncredited from Pinterest

I love these from Target. plus at $99, the price is great.

from Target via Pinterest

Add a pop of color with this awesome Andy Warhol sunset print.


Maybe even a lamp from Lamps Plus (remember when I wrote about their new Color Plus collection here?)

from Lamps Plus

Plus, West Elm, has amazing throws in a whole rainbow of colors.

My husband is totally against this. So I'll probably wind up with:

a- nothing (the most likely option)
b- blue or another color
c- exactly this scheme, but it will take 2 years and he will think it's all his idea:)

Any updates you want to make this year?

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Kelly said...

Purple would be beautiful! Just tell your husband it's "blueberry." Banish the p-word from your vocab. :)

Unknown said...

haha my husband does C. all the time, they think they are so smart :)

Unknown said...

I am loving those little cube seats from Target. What a deal!

Miranda said...

I have that exact same comforter set - we have a yellow and aqua combo going on in our room too! Love this!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I love the purple, but think my husband would have a similar reaction! How about orange (you know I'm crazy for orange)? The blue would work too, though.

:) Linda

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