Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Not Furniture, It's Ikea...

Even though I have a tried and true love for Ikea, some things just weren't meant to be.

Like this dresser that we call the "sunscreen cabinet", or the morning launching pad.

Ikea cabinet and mirror function as a morning launching pad for a busy family of 5.

After opening and closing the drawers, mostly the top one, 20+ times a day for almost 2 years, it's over. The love is gone, and the top drawer won't close all the way. Boo.

When we moved I thought we would finally be grown up and only buy adult furniture, but the lure of Ikea got to us. It's so cheap! It's so close! It will only take a day and a half to go there, bribe kids with soft serve, buy the item, wait for it, load it into the car while not decapitating said children, schlep it home, unload kids, put kids to bed, unload items, and put together with a million wooden dowels:)

So I'm looking around, and ready to buy an *actual* piece of furniture that can withstand that many drawer movements. Any suggestions?


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Jess said...

I have actually found a lot of good pieces on Craigslist. People are usually selling actual wood, for an affordable amount.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Bummer! I agree with Jess -- Craigslist is the best for furniture in great condition. Good luck!
xo Heidi

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

I'm on team Craigslist as well! Sometimes I find good deals at thrift stores too, but it takes a lot of hunting!

Good luck!

Unknown said...

I agree look for a quality piece on Craig'slist or even your local GW. You can always paint a good piece and make it perfect for your home. I found a solid world Bernhart dresser for 75 bucks at the thrift store. Brought her home cleaned her up and painted it a crisp white. couldn't be happier. Try it you'll like it.
Promise. :)
Cheers to you and yours,
Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio

Unknown said...

I have heard about Craigslist furniture many times..this is very useful and essential furniture.....

låne penger

mhw said...

Is it not closing because the drawer bottom is warped? We've replaced Ikea drawer bottoms with thin plywood which makes a huge difference. You can also use wood glue to glue the bottoms (original or the plywood replacement, both work well) in place. Just in case you want to try rehabbing you Ikea cabinet.

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