Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hannukah in August

Or some other title that explains why I was rummaging around our storage room in search of our dreidel collection when it was 75 degrees outside:)

You see, Lamps Plus and Hometalk partnered together to create a blogger holiday challenge. they offered bloggers a Lamps Plus fillable glass gourd lamp, like this:

and asked us how we would fill it for the "holidays".

Being Jewish, I immediately thought of the High Holidays which are right around the corner in September, but filling a lamp with apples and honey seemed really messy. Anyhow, they meant December holidays, of course. So I jumped on board with my desire to ring in Hannukah early this year, at least in terms of decoration. They will chose 3 winners to be featured in their holiday catalogue and potentially win a $500 gift card, so yay!

Note the metallic garland, sparkle dreidel garland, and collection of dreidels inside.

It tried my very best to keep our Curious George dreidel out, but that's what you get with a 4 year old helper:)

The process was so easy I'm thinking about doing this seasonally (oh, the big dreams I have when all the kids are asleep). Seriously, you just unscrew a nut from the bottom, slide the bottom stand off and fill. Re-screw and you are done.

Ignore all carpet stains, we do:)

When the 6 year old saw it she was super excited, although requests for a singing Hannukah stuffed animal that I only let out for the 8 nights, were quickly put down. There will be I Have a Little Dreidel stuck in my head for 4 months, no siree...

A beautiful lamp full of dreidels, good thing I didn't use chocolate gelt:)

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Doreen said...

Hi Jessica
What a great idea! Love the combo of the dreidels with the metallic garlands. I pinned it to my Chanukah Decor board. It's always great to see Jewish holiday projects on the web. I've posted several on my blog. When you're ready for Chanukah inspiration, would love for you to visit at


Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Awesome idea! I love the little blue dreidels! They look great inside the lamps!

Lori said...

I love that lamp and how great that you can change the filler depending on the season/holiday. Now I'm dreaming of latkes... :-)

M... said...

Super cute. Where did you get the "M"? I need one. ;)

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