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Making a Family Vacation Easier in 5 Simple Steps

Summer is almost over, but until every drop is gone, I'm happy to share a guest post from Kendra of ThorntonTravel.

5 Easy ways to make summer travel easier!
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It’s Time for a Family Vacation!

Although summer is slowly fading away, it is certainly not too late to plan a trip for your whole family before school starts. Take advantage of the warm weather and escape to that destination you’ve been dreaming about. Below I’ve listed some tips that will help you have a stress free, enjoyable family vacation.

1. Think Outside of the Box.

This summer, try something new and travel somewhere different! Your kids will be much more excited about vacationing somewhere new, and it may even inspire some adventure within them. Family vacations are the best way to create new memories and lift everyone’s spirit with a heavy dose of excitement. So, instead of going to that same old beach, switch things up a bit and perhaps try a trip into the mountains!

2. Breeze Through Airport Security.

If you are traveling with a baby, getting through airport security can consume a large amount of your travel time. Rememberto check to see what you can and can’t bring through airport security. One thing that is easily allowed through security is baby food, as long as it is in the original container. Baby foods that come in squeeze packs can also be transported easily, and is a popular choice for airports.

3. Finding the Best Deal

Whether you are booking a hotel or a flight, make sure you do it as early as you can. As we all know, the closer the vacation gets, the higher the prices are going to get. Take a week or two to plan in advance about where you should stay and which flight is best. If you are unsure of what the best options would be, using a review site can really help sort through the options available. I used Gogobot to find a family friendly Orlando hotel that even offered a free continental breakfast!

4. Pack Like a Pro!

In the week leading up to your trip, make a list of everything that needs to be done before you leave. Items on this list can include (but are not limited to): putting a stop on the mail, packing your kid’s bathing suits and towels, buying extra sunscreen, and snacks for the car. This will help prevent you from having that gut wrenching feeling when arriving at your destination because you forgot something at home. If you are like me and prone to losing lists, try downloading this packingapp where you can create a list right there on your mobile device.

5. Portable DVD Player

Whether you are going on a road trip or flying internationally, having a DVD player (or iPad) is great for entertaining your little ones. It is an easy way to calm down anxious kids who are nervous about flying. Although it does require an investment, the purchase will be more than worth it as it last for years to come. You can find them at your local Walmart, or search for a great deal online.

I hope these tips help you in planning a summer vacation! Remember, there is still time, so don’t wait any longer and start planning today! 

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