Monday, August 5, 2013

A Surprise Disneyland Trip, Take 2

A few more "tricks", and a whole lot of photos of our trip to Disneyland (see my Disney Tips and Tricks here).

I realized that I left out one of the best parts of this trip, it was a surprise! The morning of, we sat them down on the couch and announced, "you aren't going to school today, you are going to Disneyland"!!!



and faces that looked like this:

Finally, after we put down the camera and explained that in fact, we were *actually* going to Disneyland, they seemed happy, but not thrilled. So I coached them on the appropriate reaction.

and got this:

"that" I told them, "is what normal kids do when their parents tell them they are going to Disneyland".

Trick 1: Realize this trip was 90% for me, and 10% for the kids. Husband was going along with it all in a good-sport kind of way.

Trick 2: If you are going to go on a water ride, wear fast-drying clothes. Somehow, when it hit 90 at 10am on our last day, our kids agreed to go on the rapids ride, and they were so wet we had to go back and change! I wore a hiking skirt from Athleta that was dry in 2 seconds, totally amazing!

Trick 3: The best pictures of your kids will be on the teacups. Be prepared.

Their favorite ride was Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.

And more pictures:

 Until next time!


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Jenna said...

Look on YouTube for videos of "We're Going to Disney!" reactions. I bet about 90% of kids react the way yours did, so don't feel bad! Actually, those videos are quite funny. I got caught in a YouTube wormhole one day and watched video after video. Too funny.

Colleen said...

this made me laugh because our two had the same faces. It was priceless. E kept saying, "but I have school". so funny!

Unknown said...

This is the funniest and the more entertaining videos in the you tube.

låne penger

The 2 Seasons said...

It was so great to meet you at Haven. I am already looking forward to next year. Oh and I love your house it is amazing. I could move right into your library. Enjoy the Stella & Dot if you are not happy with your goods they have a good return policy. Off to check out your construction party. Cheers!

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