Thursday, April 3, 2014

Still Pregnant...

Nothing new to report over here, I haven't been posting not due to anything happening but rather due to my constant bribing myself to not lose my mind. 6 weeks of bed rest from 30 to 36 weeks, and *now* at 38.5 weeks, no signs that the baby is coming any time soon, ugh!

Here's what I've been doing to keep busy:

  • prenatal massages
  • foot massages (there are now specialty foot spa places you go to for this)
  • walking on the treadmill while watching trashy TV
  • working out to Tracy Anderson's 9th month pregnancy DVD
  • getting my nails done
  • cooking,baking and freezing anything I can
  • coffees, brunches and lunches with friends
  • cleaning out my closet, keeping only 5 pregnancy tops and bringing in the nursing tops

I'm very much looking forward to adding our fourth and final baby to this little brood:)

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Laura @ duke manor farm said...

hang in there! best of luck for a healthy and quick delivery!

The Kim Six Fix said...

Can't wait to hear about your little arrival! Fingers crossed for a great L&D!

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