Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The most asked party question...

Where is your trash can?

For years we had a trash can out in the open in our kitchen, a pretty basic black step-can. The underside of the lid would get all gunked up if we overfilled it, the step would break, and it looked awful. Skip ahead to my (very long) list for my dream kitchen, a hidden trash can. And recycling. Because now we need both, and an open paper bag full of bottles, cans and newspaper was just gross, especially with inquisitive crawlers and toddlers around.

I was pretty used to the under-sink trash, but with our decision to get the largest sink possible, a fabulous 36" farmhouse sink, the re was no space left under the sink. And there are two dishwashers (yay!) one on each side of the sink, so no space for trash there. Enter the island, right behind the sink, so it's a quick pivot-and-throw maneuver. I also love that I can chop on a cutting board, slide out the trash, and wipe and trash into it with a quick swipe. The recycling is just behind the trash, with space on the side to hold the trash bags, a paper bags we use for recycling.

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Jen said...

We hid our garbage and recycling in the island. Love it! Question: do you use paper bags when you get groceries or do you buy the paper bags. I love the idea, but we use canvas bags for groceries, so we never have paper bags. In our city, we can put all of our recyclables (paper, plastic, glass, and metal) in the same bin, so it's not a major issue, but even though we rinse or wash everything first, we still need to clean out the recycle basket every other week or so. (We do have a drawer on top for paper, which keeps that clutter in order, at least!)

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