Monday, January 30, 2012

Yearly Collage Frames

This is about as close to scrap booking as I come. Each year I buy a pre-made collage frame, stamp the year on it, and choose the top photos from the year that really capture the feeling of what happened. Obviously this year we had a new addition, so I wanted to make sure that she was prominently displayed:) This also means I was pregnant in almost every photo we took all year. I also added a pic of  me and my husband, no kids, just to remind us that we are a couple too. Oh, and I try to balance the number of times each child is shown, so they don't complain about it.

This one hasn't gone up yet, but it will join these other two from 2009 and 2010 that are already up on the wall.

This is the easiest way to organize my yearly photos. I still slide all the prints into albums, you never know when school needs pictures (hard copies!) of your child at every age, or on vacation, or in a particular season... The list goes on and on. Which is why we can't abandon real photos yet.

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Unknown said...

soooo happy you stopped by! I'm your newest follower!

Beth said...

I just stumbled onto your blog from Small Notebook - but I LOVE this idea and will have to copy it! I also love the photo of your kiddos in the purple teacup.. is that Disneyland? I have virtually the same photo - purple teacup and all - of my daughter at 2 1/2. The joy lighting up their eyes is what it's all about. Beautiful!

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

Thanks! Yes, the purple teacup is from Disneyland, you can't get any better than that.

Jen said...

I had to go back to look for the teacup. Everyone should have a pic of their kids in the teacups at Disney!
Your blog is so fun. I love that you designed your house. I am always saying if I could design a house it would be... and it would have.... and NO dining room...and a big porch. Maybe one day!
Enjoy your day!

Sarahsworld said...

Love this idea!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

i simply ADORE this idea!!!!!! love your view on life! sending tons of hugs...

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