Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kleenex Hand Towels for a Diaper-Changing, Party-Ready Bathroom

This summer has been a busy one for us, what with the construction machine birthday party, the trip to Hawaii, hanging our giant flag out for the 4th... And it just keeps coming since our daughter will be turning 5 so very, very soon!

Her party will have a butterfly theme (a bit like her bedroom), and as most of our parties go, we will be invited entire families to celebrate with us, not just the 5 year olds. That means lots of kids, their little siblings, and even some babies.

It's parties like these that make me so incredibly happy that we have a downstairs powder room for our guests to use. No need for me to clean up our master bathroom, or make my mother in law clear out her things from the guest room. Even the babies can be taken care of on down there. We created a diaper changing station on the counter next to the sink. I filled the drawers with diapers of various sizes, wipes, ointments, extra plastic baggies in case clothes get too wet/dirty/covered in cake.

The toilet room even has a little potty and a potty seat, for any young guests that may need them. If only our 3 year old wanted to use them too!

We also provide a stool for little ones to be able to wash their own hands. Thank goodness for Kleenex Hand Towels, they are so much easier than towels, can be thrown away (in the trash can that's also used for diapers) and can wipe up splashed water from the counter and floor.


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Unknown said...

I am such a believer in these small things! Happy Sunday!

Simply LKJ said...

Makes life easier for you AND your guests!!

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

that is a smart idea!!! and looks like it belongs there

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