Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Easy Lunchbox Labeling (DIY Labels for Back to School)

Everything needs to be labeled at kindergarten, but I was a bit behind on ordering those fancy pants labels like I had dreamed of, so I just popped a rubberband on a sippy cup, wrote her name in Sharpie, and bam! All labeled.

Labeling a water bottle with a rubberband

That's all you need, a rubberband and a Sharpie.

You can see the rubberband around her sippy in this shot from her week of kindergarten lunches.

Any other easy-peasy tricks I should know about?


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Colleen said...

ha! works for me! are those the ball bpa containers? do you like them?

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

cool idea! I even have some tick rubber bands (from broccoli heads)that would work weall

Camille said...

I used to do this with my twins when they were preemies so I didn't mix up their bottles. One girl got a rubber band and the other didn't. That way I could even feel it in the dark and there would be no mixing them up. (One was on special formula at the time.)

I had never thought, though to do it now. Great idea! Because the labeling drives me crazy!

Amy - while wearing heels said...

Brilliant. Seriously, what an ingenious idea. And, you certainly pack a mean lunch :)

*And, I just realized today, I no longer get your email updates. I feel like roaring, I am so upset. I need my stay at homeista fix :)

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

this is going on my back to school pin board right now!

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