Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 Favorite Baby Toys

This is one of the seven (7!!!) Expedit units form Ikea that we own. I know, we are so unoriginal:) This one is in our playroom and is dedicated to toys for the baby. Looking at it I realized that we have a great assortment of things for her to play with in the next year or so, so here is my list of my favorite baby (under 2 year old) toys!

  1. Rocking Horse. You can find them anywhere, and they are so much fun, especially if accompanied by songs. I like the Paul revere song to go along with the "galloping".
  2. A push toy/walker. This one is the Melissa & Doug Alligator Push Toy. I strongly discourage buying one with blocks or things that come off, otherwise it's just a moveable mess waiting to happen.
  3. Busy Ball Popper. I have a serious hate-love-hate relationship with this toy, mostly because it makes noise and that is a big no-no in our house. However, during the crawling months, it's pretty cute for kids to chase the balls around and practice putting them back in.
  4. Farm Friends Bowling. I store this in a metal pail so it might be hard to see, but it's so fun for my kids to set the animals up and either bowl with them or just "talk" to their barnyard friends.
  5. Stacking rings. We have both the typical plastic ones and these fabric ones from a now-out-of-business store.
  6. Melissa and Doug ball pounder. It's pretty much the same as the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower. Fun for putting balls into and the hammering was a big hit with our son when he was little.
  7. Melissa & Doug Stacking Train. I also accompany this with a variety of train songs: I've been working on the railroad, This train is bound for Glory, This train is going to the City, a choo-choo song from Music together...
  8. Melissa & Doug Band in a Box. I'm much happier with noise-making toys that are musical. Plus you can use them to accompany the train songs from above:)
  9. Stacking puzzles. We have the Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker, the Melissa & Doug Stack and Sort Board (good for counting) and the Green Toys My First Stacker.
  10. Noah's Ark Shape Sorter. Fun for sorting, matching, counting, maybe even learning about the story of Noah's Ark:)
Any links above are affiliate links for Amazon, I own everything and love, love it:)

And yes, I do see a theme, apparently I love Melissa and Doug toys. You can often find them 50% off at Michaels, HomeGoods, or TJMaxx.


You can find my favorite toy of all time here. While our baby does occasionally play with the MagnaTiles, she isn't really up to all the rocket-ship/dollhouse/pretend pizza building like the older kids.  See now you have to click over just to see what kind of toy can make all those things:)

She's pretty happy just hanging out in front of her own baby toy paradise.

What are your favorite toys for the littlest ones?


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Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

where is Mr Potato head?!?! ;) We own 2 big potatoes and 4 baby potatoes...Our children LOVE Mr. Potato. When I found the potato family, our 2 girls played with it for the entire week...during ALL their awake time. No joking! They still LOVE it, I just have to hide it every once in a while...

Unknown said...

We have several of the ones you mentioned. Looks like you are a Melissa & Doug toy family! :)

Unknown said...

Love Melissa and Doug, and there are some here I have not seen, thank you for sharing, so cute!!!

xoxo, Tanya

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