Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paper Snowflakes

Nothing says winter more than paper snowflakes, especially when it finally starts to rain and I'm home with sick little ones, whiling away the hours until I can justify putting them down for a nap.

rainbow paper snowflakes

Plus, since I'm obviously in a rainbow birthday party theme (it will end eventually, I promise), I made some in a rainbow for you.

Paper snowflakes on a rainbow mantle

I followed intstructions from instructables, apparently 6-sided snowflakes are totally the thing, and 4 and 8 pointes snowflakes are out!

Here is my picture tutorial for a 6-sided snowflake.

1. Take a piece of construction paper and scissors to start. Easy so far, right?

2. Then fold in one corner to create a triangle. If you unfolded it, the paper would be a square. Skip ahead if you started with square paper:)

3. Cut off the excess. (I used these for the paper chains you see on the mantel above).

4. Fold corner to corner to make a smaller triangle.

5. Now for the tricky part, fold this triangle in thirds. One side in (about a 60 degree angle)

6. Now the other side.

7. Next, cut off the tips, this will create your points, so experiment with what you like, sharp and pointy, or rounded.

8. Now you can just cut in on the sides in whatever pattern you like, I just go freeform with lots of triangles. Snipping off the bottom will create the shape in the middle of your snowflake.

9. Unfold (perfect job for a sick 3 year old) and you are all done!

how to make a paper snowflake

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have numbered this. 9 steps seems like a lot, but I promise, once you do it once (or twice) you'll be able to whip these babies out in no time.

*caveat* if you are spatially challenged, you know who you are, then don't try this with a certain granddaughter, you'll just be frustrated. Just saying:)


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acasarella said...

My daughter was just making paper snowflakes from napkins yesterday. I told her there was a special way to fold regular paper but I needed to look up how to do it. Now I don't have to! Thanks :)

Christina | Little Victorian said...

Cute. :) I have never once been able to make an attractive paper snowflake. Not even as an adult.

Heidi Rew said...

Jessica...I love these! I love that you did them in such fun colors too! Gonna have to pin this! :-) <3 Heidi Rew from

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