Monday, November 26, 2012

Lamb Sliders

Because sometimes I feel as if I'm writing a cooking blog,

lamb sliders

but honestly  with 3 meals a day to prepare, keeping a record of the hits (and occasional misses, hello homemade LaraBars) is just keeping it real around here.

These were a HUGE hit.

Maybe it's the diminutive size, but who doesn't like a slider?

lamb slider with yogurt raita, tomato and cucumber

I just mixed some ground lamb with herbs de provence (you can find it in fancy spice aisles) and grilled 'em up.

Oops, a bit too much flame:)

 I also grilled the buns, you know, to be all fancy-pants.

Then I served them with tomato, cucumber, and TJ's yogurt raita (no need to make that myself).

My friend Elke also liked them even without the yogurt sauce, so there you go. Yummy either way.

mini lamb sliders


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Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

I LOVE a slider, and this lamb option looks delish!!

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Oh. my. gosh. These look absolutely AMAZING! I love lamb and now I'm drooling! We totally need to make these!

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