Monday, November 19, 2012

Pros and Cons of Marble in a Kitchen

Given the huge expanse of marble in our kitchen, I get asked this question all the time.

We chose Calcutta Oro marble, a block with less gold and brown, and more white with grey veining. This is in our kitchen, and all the bathrooms. So here is my answer to :

How do you like having marble as your kitchen counters?

I wouldn't do anything differently  although we've only been here 18 months. That said, I cook 3 meals a day in the kitchen, mostly with kids "helping" and we've spilled all over these suckers and they look amazing.   A few caveats- no major red wine spills, just a few drops here and there, we dont' have citrus juice, other than grapefruit, so not huge spills from oj, but I've certainly covered them with tomato sauce (on accident), dropped an entire jar of peaches on them, etc and they look good. My mom has Carrera marble and after 20+ years it looks great.

The carrera which is more grey on grey, hides scratches and spills really well, our calcutta oro, which is more grey veining on white, will theoretically show them more. 

We also have them honed instead of polished, so the etching which is the main issue with citrus isn't an issue. Oh, we've also made lemonade with the kids, spilled a ton, and it was fine. I also just assume that I'll have to re-hone them every 1-5 years, but so far so good.

In the bathrooms, they get almost no abuse, so we just wipe them down with a gentle cleaner (like Method). I probably clean the bathroom counters every week or two and wipe off the kitchen counters (the parts that are visible, I don't move stuff) every day, or if there is a spill.

I will say that if it weren't my main house, like a vacation house, a rental, or a place where cleaning was not on my list, I'd do quartz, so I had no worries at all.

What's in your kitchen?


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Unknown said...

Could have used your opinion when we were building our house! I'm still in love with your counters and after your review totally jealous we went with quartz instead of marble :) Major kitchen envy every time I see your place!

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

I promise I won't spill red wine on them. Promise!!

Unknown said...

woooo!!!!So nice expanse kitchen marble, We can say that is a perfect kitchen. All the visitors like your shearing Specially women...Keep shearing...You have done really good work....

Philosophy Blues Original

Jaime Lyn said...

You give the best advice on the marble topic, I have really really appreciated your thought and opinions on the topic! I am still (believe it or not) on the fence with my decisions... nothing is "set in stone" yet lol and so who knows what I will actually end up with! Oh I LOVE marble so so much!

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