Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rainbow Hair Bows

Not only do I have friends who will make me a rainbow from cake pops, but my sister goes above and beyond in the world of kid birthday parties.

She made a rainbow ruffle cake for my daughter's rainbow birthday party, AND she made the favors too.

Look, the cake and the ribbons in one shot!

My daughters are known for wearing curly ribbon hair accessories, so it was only natural, that for the rainbow party they each wore one too.

I had originally planned to make them myself (along with the cake) until we were struck with the croup, and the whole family was out of commission for about 2 weeks.

Enter my lovely sister, who bought the ribbon, curled it (wind it around dowels and bake in the oven), assembled the curly ribbons, covered the clips with rainbow ribbon, then attached them all together.

She rocks!

She was inspired by Pinterest, and used this tutorial for the corkscrew part, and this one to make the baby ones non-slip.

non slip backing to a homemade hair clip

See how the baby bows are backed with felt and non-slip mat so they will stay in super fine bay hair?

Why yes, I did display them on my rainbow mantle! Complete with rainbow paper chains and rainbow snowflakes.

Again, she rocks, and I love how adorable the ribbons looked on everyone!


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Colleen said...

those are so cute! I love the ribbon ones too. I have to ask E if she will let me put them in. . . she is getting old fast and wants no part of them.

Jaime Lyn said...

awhhhh how cute!!! and who knew you could make ribbon curl like that?! :o) what a sweet party and bday girl too!

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Love the rainbow decorations! And the little one looks so cute with that bow on her little baby head! :)

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