Friday, July 19, 2013

Bloggy Business Cards

Look who's putting on her big-girl blogging pants and finally got some business cards?

Business cards for a blog conference from


One side has all the pertinent blog info, and the other has my picture and a few photos from the blog. They are from, so they are thick, and shiny and totally lovely to hold in your hand, and the incredibly talented Elke Barter, of the blog redesign fame, did them for me as part of our barter:)

Blogger business cards, make sure to have all your info on it, and don't forget your photo!

And I tried to follow all the sage advice of Haven and blogging conference veterans: put your *name* on the cards (ahem, Kara), put your photo on the card, and your website, and Facebook, and Twitter, and now Pinterest, and Instagram...

Wait, did I totally forget to mention that I am now on Instagram?

Yep, I did. So head over there to follow me, since it's super easy for me to post pics right from my phone, especially good if you are a relative of mine and you have a vested interest in seeing adorable photos of my kids. Or photos of my adorable kids, either way:)

Next up, I have to plan my blog conference wardrobe, ack! Any good advice on that one?

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Jena {Involving Color and Home} said...

Your cards look great Jessica! I just got mine in too :). Looking forward to meeting you there!

acasarella said...

I was just trying to design some cards the other day... and then I gave up!

Yours look great :)

Are you off to Blogher?

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

They look awesome! I love them!

I really wish I was going to Haven this year! :\

My Repurposed Life said...

your cards look great! ugh! I should have done some colored NEVER occurred to me. :(

love your cards!

Jesse @ Scout & Nimble said...

They look great and I love the new logo!! I will be at Haven, too! We will for sure have to catch up! ;)

Krystle @ Color Transformed Family said...

They look great. I wish I had known you were going. I was going to sign up and then backed out at the last minute. Let me know if you plan to go next year as well.

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