Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School Shopping with Old Navy

Can I admit something? I don't love to shop for clothes. Like, not at all. The sale racks intimidate me, and all the clothes all smushed up together just make me want to run for the hills.

That's why I love a nicely curated space for clothes shopping. Shirts neatly folded by color, sweaters with the arms crossed, jeans all lines up on a wall... Easy peasy to find what I'm looking for.

This year my five year old daughter will be going to kindergarten and her school has a pretty strict dress code: no skinny jeans/leggings, skirts and dresses to the knee, no sleeveless shirts. I'm actually pretty excited that she won't be running around baring too much skin, but the task of back to school shopping did get a bit harder this year.

I wanted to share my fall mood board with all of you, this is what I'm picturing for me, my kindergartener (sniff, sniff) and the baby. My son has a *slight* addiction to firetruck t-shirts so you can just imagine him in one of those.

Back to School from Old Navy

I'm all about green for fall, as well as the mustard color, which I'd love to bring in with the shoes. Plus navy and pink, my go-to color combo, for me and my daughter.

Oh, I must also sing the praises of the Old Navy puffer jackets. We have this hot pink one in sizes 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T. Seriously, I just keep buying it every year since it's so darn good. Soft fleece on the inside, elastic cuffs, and a cute furry hood.

Another skirt that I think could totally work with the hot pink/navy combo is this one:

Plus, while I'm there I can pick up a new onesie or PJ for the baby, who is growing like crazy, and even treat myself to a pair of earrings. IN fact, as I'm typing I'm wearing a pair of $5 Old Navy earrings that I got the last time I went there. They go with a long blue ikat skirt and navy shirt that I bought on the same trip, got to love a store where I can by something for everyone.

What are you pining for for fall? Any color combos I should consider? Or advice about how to break a firetruck t-shirt addiction?


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Colleen said...

love the mustard ballet flats!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

You'll be the most fashionable ... and color coordinated ... family on the playground!

I'm an Old Navy addict. Love their Diva jeans ...



Unknown said...

These are such cute finds! I just love all the color!

acasarella said...

My soon-to-be-second grader did all of her back-to-school shopping at Old Navy. In fact, she got the pink shirt pictured above as well as the animal print flats. (Which, I should add, are great because they are really soft and flexible. Usually I won't buy her flats like that b/c they give her blisters but I don't think these will...)

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