Thursday, September 13, 2012

$3 Autumn Wreath

How did I make a wreath for $3 you ask?

Well, first I was running early for an appointment.

This is what always happens, I am genetically cursed (or blessed) with the inability to be anywhere "on time". Yep, I'm not late, I'm always early. So if I am late to meet you in person, it's probably because I was so ridiculously early that I stopped at the Dollar Store to buy wreath-making supplies.

That, or my kids had a meltdown/were hungry/kept napping...

OK, so back to the wreath. I'm not the queen of pool noodle wreaths, that's my good friend Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage, but I did my very best for this one.

First I took a pool noodle and taped it into a circle.

pool noodle into wreath

Next I wrapped some found green ribbon.

Then I wrapped 3/4 of it with burlap. There may or may not have been a ridiculous amount of crying for my five year old at this point that "it doesn't look pretty anymore"!

So I immediately added some brown ribbon too.

Then I took my two purchased accessories, a faux berry sprig and faux autumn leaves and let my kids decide where to put them.

I kindly told them that sticking straight out wasn't going to work this time, so we laid them down and wrapped around them.

Burlap, ribbon and leaf harvest wreath

So pretty.

And on my mantle...

Then it found it's way onto my fall harvest table (more details tomorrow).

Autumn wreath on a fal harvest table

We still haven't *quite* made it to the door yet, but that's ok, that's what I get for crafting with kids:)


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Cassie Bustamante said...

very pretty and you sure as heck can't beat the price!

Kelly said...

Very cute! I have some pool noodles that might not be pool noodles much longer. :)

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I'm thinking the pool noodle wreath may be eclipsing the book page wreath in blog land these days ... I blame Shannon!

And your wreath turned out fabulously!



thistlewoodfarm said...

I think it turned out really cute.....and anything would look amazing on top of that table :)

Have a great day rock star!

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