Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quickie Art Addition

Sometimes, looking at a blank wall lets you be moved to create something just right. Like what happened with our four blank walls in the dining room that now have Linen and Paper Art on them.

Sometimes, you just have to throw something up there because you can't stand the sight of a blank wall anymore.

That's what happened here.


A rearranged console table, and some HomeGoods finds and I'm happy enough with it to not obsess over this corner anymore.

My husband "doesn't hate it", which for me is good enough.


Thanks for stopping by! I love to keep in touch. 


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Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Nice, Jessica!! And if you can get your hubs on board, all the better. :-)
xo Heidi

acasarella said...

Lol! "Doesn't hate it," is often the best I can hope for where my husband is concerned as well ;)

Shannon Fox said...

Good find. Perfect over the console table :) Lovely words too!

PS- that linen art was beautiful

Kelly said...

It looks great there, and I love your colorful homegoods finds!

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