Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Updating your closet space

When we moved in I had a fantasy of getting California Closets in to "do" the closets. Maybe now I have the chance  They offered to partner with me, and are bringing you ideas about how to update your closet space. Here's my son's not-yet-organized closet for reference:

Ways to Update Storage Space in Older Homes

Who doesn’t love the charm of old homes, with their distinctive craftsmanship? But despite the charming “personality” of historic homes, their closets are almost always miniscule and, by today’s standards, poorly designed—if they have closets at all. In old apartments, the problem can be compounded because there’s no room to spare for a roomy dresser or armoire. And buying armoires to store all of your family’s garments presents another problem: finding pieces of furniture for storage that don’t clash with your d├ęcor.

A love of old homes, if you happen to live in one, is often a love of projects—buying a historic home can make for a trade-off between aesthetic charm and modern convenience. Fortunately, updating your house to accommodate a modern family’s wardrobe is much easier than, say, fixing a foundation or replacing outdated electrical wiring.

Using Closet Organizers to Expand Reach-In Closet Space
Most traditional closets feature only a single rod for hanging clothes and a single shelf up top for storage. If you opt to redesign your closet with closet organizers, you can gain space without sacrificing your much-loved clothes. Shelves can be made adjustable and thus versatile, allowing you to tailor your space to your needs over time. You can also create multiple levels for storage, using all the vertical space in your closet—you may even be able to turn previously useless spaces such as corners into functional storage nooks.

Of course, space isn’t the only issue—organization is another priority. If you’re unsure of your DIY abilities, look for a company that specializes in closet design and allows you to incorporate elements such as hanging systems and slide-out bins. Some systems can even be customized to match the material, color, and even fluting of the wood or walls in your room.

Using a Wardrobe for Extra Storage Space
If you don’t have a closet at all, a chest of drawers can be one solution, but what if you like being able to have all your clothes right there in front of you when you’re getting dressed, without digging through drawers? Armoires allow you to hang your clothes, but if design is a priority for you, you might be wary of wardrobes, which are often hulking space-hoggers.

Your best bet may be a wardrobe installed along the wall—a wardrobe, that is, that blends in with your home’s aesthetic and intelligently maximizes space without taking up a lot of room. California Closets is one company that specializes in wardrobes—they even offer options like recessed lighting and customized crown molding. In any case, shoot for the same things you’d want in a well-organized closet: a combination of hanging space and shelves (preferably adjustable ones), and even a pull-out hamper or a bin or rack for shoes.

Living in an old home doesn’t have to mean purging your modern wardrobe—it may just take a little ingenuity and know-how to bring your house up to speed.

Thanks to California Closets for sponsoring this post!

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Colleen said...

best thing I did in our house was have the closet done in my bedroom. I love it!!

acasarella said...

Had my closets done two years ago and they *still* make me giddy every time I look at them!!

Unknown said...

We had custom closets put in at our old home...but then we moved across the country leaving our organized closets behind! It's on my list to redo our new closets. It makes all the difference in the world when you can easily see where things go and what you have.


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