Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Party Menu (Food for a Butterfly Birthday Party)

Parties are about more than just cute decor and children hyped up on too much sugar, they are all about the food!

Summer butterfly birthday party menu

For my daughter's 5 year old Butterfly Birthday Party, I made the following:

Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Skewers

                       Tomato Mozzarella Basil on Cocktail Umbrella Skewers

I skewered them onto the tiny cocktail umbrellas I had ordered, then added a construction paper butterfly on top.

tomato mozzarella basil skewers with butterflies on the umbrellas

The butterflies were made with a Butterfly Punch, that I've used for butterfly artwork in the past.

Skewering tomato mozzarella and basil onto cocktail umbrellas

Watermelon, Feta, and Mint Salad

                      watermelon feta and mint salad

So easy and delicious, it's just cubed seedless watermelon, crumbled feta ( I even bought it pre-crumbled from Trader Joes) and mint. Easy peasy. Leftover watermelon just went onto a platter with extra umbrellas.

watermelon cubes

"Pink" Deviled Eggs

Smoked salmon deviled eggs

These are actually beet-pickled, which means that after I hard boiled hte eggs and peeled them, I let them sit in a bath of beet juice and vinegar. In retrospect I would have let them sit longer to get more pink on them, but this was my first time. This recipe that I pinned, suggested 16 hours, I had about 6 hours.

Beet pickled eggs to create pink deviled eggs

I filled the eggs with my smoked salmon deviled eggs recipe that I made at my own adult  birthday party in March. Unfortunatly, I didn't have mayo and I forgot to add chile powder so they were not the same as before, oops:)

Smoked salmon deviled eggs for a party

I served some hummus in a hollowed out bell pepper with pita chips and carrots.

Hummus in a hollowed out bell pepper

Green Fries, made from zucchini spears, battered in egg then bread crumbs and baked at 400 degrees for 30 minutes (check often).

Green fries, how to make zucchini fries your kids will eat

A Butterfly Cake and cupcakes. I bought some sale spring sprinkles which had bunnies, butterflies, eggs and sprinkles, and just used the butterflies and regular sprinkles to decorate.

Butterfly birthday cake

The cake was made in this Butterfly Pull-Apart Cupcake Pan pull apart butterfly cake mold. So stinkin' easy!

Birthday cupcakes with butterfly sprinkles

I was so happy when all the cooking was over. Oh, I forgot that we also served quesadillas, guacamole, chips and salsa. And pink lemonade.

butterfly birthday party menu

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JenV said...

the food looks amazing! Can't wait to try the watermelon salad!

Simply LKJ said...

What a feast! Can't wait to try the zucchini fries!

acasarella said...

Love! Just pinned a bunch of it :)

Kelli said...

Looks amazing. I am going to give the watermelon salad a try.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

everything looks so good!

Colleen said...

love the tomato mozzarella idea!

do you have any ideas for my luau? I was thinking of your watermelon feta dish as a possibility.

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

You are amazing! I'm definitely going to have to give some of these a try!

Gina said...

Everything looks so delicious and so beautifully displayed too! You did an excellent job on this party.

Kelly said...


I love all the little umbrellas. They make everything more fun. :)

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

Everything looks delicious and beautifully displayed! My mom make that watermelon salad this summer, and it was delish! I need to try your deviled egg recipe. Love those!

Hope you had fun at the party :)

Bliss said...

Californian's do it better - parties and food that is. Ok, everything else too.


Unknown said...

are you kidding me with those skewers? wow, they look so ridiculously scrumptious....

your daughter is one lucky girl to have you as her Mama..that is one pimped out party right there.


Comlete Exclusive said...
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