Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Sleep Number Pillow

Some mornings I wake up with a crik in my neck.

Or a "crick"? Creek?

Anyway, you know that feeling that you just haven't slept well, but you know for sure you aren't pregnant so there isn't something obvious to blame it on? (Also, no small children in my bed, so *no* good excuse). master bedroom with pintuck charcoal grey bedding

After a few too many nights of this, I received an email from Sleep Number asking if I'd like a free pillow to try out. Heck ya! Who doesn't want a free pillow?

Especially if I get to take a special quiz to find just the right pillow for me! I mean, a quiz? It's like my birthday all over again.- Yes, I know, I'm a total nerd. But that nerdiness did take me to Harvard where I met my husband, so I'm allowed to get over excited about a pillow quiz:)

So, I went online, took the quiz and was sent the perfect pillow for me. Or for the me that took the quiz.

Turns out that while I am very good at knowing that I get hot (so I need a cool comfort pillow), that I like memory foam (that mattress saved me when pregnant with #2), and that I sleep in a Cal King bed, I don't actually know what position I sleep in.

I *thought* I was a back and side sleeper. So the pillow I received is perfect for that! It's all contoured and lovely and cradles your neck and head and when I'm laying on my back in bed it's super relaxing and lovely. Except- and this is the part where you know I'm telling you like it really is- I apparently sleep on my stomach. All those years of side-sleeping due to pregnancy and nursing while I sleep are over, and now I start on my side, then slip onto my stomach. So the lovely contoured pillow that is supposed to cradle the back of my neck winds up half-choking me by hitting my throat.

So... I'm keeping the pillow for my attempts at meditating, full-body relaxing and maybe my guest room:) And when I need a new pillow for actual sleeping, I know who to go to (plus I'll get to take the quiz all over again, yipee)!


I was offered a free pillow from Sleep Number for me to try, but my opinions and words are all my own. Pin It


Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious! When we were mattress shopping I told the guy at the store I slept on my side or my stomach and my husband was like "No you don't, you sleep on your back." We had just gotten married so I was really confused by that new discovery haha.

Bliss said...

What do they send if someone sleeps in all three positions? I know I start out on my stomach, I know I sleep on my side, and for some reason I wake up on my back. Maybe I shouldn't even use a pillow!


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