Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Cut Fennel

How to slice Fennel, a picture tutorial from with recipe ideas!

Just in case you decided to make my grapefruit and fennel salad, or you've just seen this furry-topped veggie and wondered "how on earth do I cut that"?

1. Keep the top on (you can use it later, it has an anise (licorice) flavor to it). 

2. Slice in half.

How to slice Fennel, a picture tutorial from

3. Cut out the center using a triangular cut.

Removing the center of fennel, a picture tutorial from

4. Using the top as a "handle", slice as usual.

How to Chop a Fennel Bulb, a picture tutorial from

I also added the fennel to my Meatball and White Bean soup (instead of the chard), added a bit of ginger, and voila, a spring-ier meatball soup!


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Simply LKJ said...

Great tip! I haven't tried cooking with a fresh batch yet.

acasarella said...

Ah, finocchio. I'm Italian and my mom includes it (raw) on antipasto trays.

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