Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gardening on a Deck

This year, my attempts at gardening are more realistic. Last year, we brought up 2 enormous blue planters and planted bright pink bougainvillea,

blue and orange accents on a deck by

built our own DIY planter (for the never-to-bloom veggie garden, this year you can see herbs and flowers),

diy planter on a deck

and overall spruced up our deck.

This year, I just wanted to add some color to the bougainvillea pots (amazingly we didn't kill it over the winter!), and let the kids have a place to "garden" on their own. This year we are testing out a theory I found on Pinterest, that if you put a raw egg in the hole with the flowers, they will grow better!

add an egg to your gardening hole to nourish flowers

You can see what happens when I let a 3 year old boy garden here:)

Oh, plus I grabbed a few $2 green pots at Ikea and filled them with this super soft grassy stuff that I picked up at Home Depot. The goal was to keep it alive long enough to use as centerpieces at my daughter's school gala, mission accomplished:)

outdoor dining decor, ikea pots and a metal trough full of grasses

Teak dining table and chairs for outdoor dining, perfect with the natural green accents

Anything else you are craving this spring? It feels like each year I downsize my resolutions, and try to focus on what really matters. This spring planting season, that just means I want a few hits of color, and to be able to relax with my family.


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Unknown said...

Very nice arrangement on the top of the deck ... great pictures you are sharing here...

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Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

We need to work on sprucing up our patio and yard! We'll be hosting a party for my sister out there in just 2 short weeks!

Kelly said...

We've just started trying to spruce up our front yard. It is not easy or cheap!

Unknown said...


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